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William Carey School is unique in the sense that it is “one of a very few” training schools focused only on your Mission in the world. We are faith based. Jesus moves to transform lives.

The History of William Carey School of World Mission is linked to the history of the Faith Revival Church.

William Carey School of World Mission is a not-for-profit, 1 to 3 year residential, and non-denominational missions school. It is located in Oakford, just outside of Durban, South Africa. Students join our school for their studies and are then sent back to their home communities to make a difference.

Our School Profile

Our school receives 40 students per year, and has trained over 2,500 students since it's establishment in 1990. The annually admitted students receive free tuition, accommodation, food, and other necessities.

Students receive a truly global and diverse education. Lecturers, stuents and staff come from all over the world, including countries in Africa, Southern Asia, and now North America. Training is also balanced to include music, sports and volunteer work.

Our Location/Facilities

The William Carey School of World Mission is located in the community of Oakford, just outside of Durban, South Africa. It has an 18 acre property situated atop one of the many rolling hills, surrounded by the Zulu villages and sugar plantations. The region has a tropical and warm climate, and is only a few kilometers from the ocean. The 18 acre property includes the following facilities:

  • Global Mission Centre(Chapel)
  • Main house, with female dormitories and 2 guest apartments
  • Dining Hall with kitchen
  • Two office buildings
  • Library
  • 24-room men's dormitory
  • Ample space, walkways, and benches for prayer and reflection
  • A grass soccer-playing area

How We Are Financed

The William Carey School of World Mission is faith-based and entirely not-for-profit. This means that we rely on kind donations and sponsorships. Our school has absolutely no paid staff. Everyone who works at the school is passionately committed to work for the Lord. And yet, the Lord has seen to our every need in the past 24 years, from water and lights, to books and food.

The following are the sponsors of the William Carey School Of World Mission:
GOLD LEVEL SPONSORS - R10,000 or more

Please email admin@williamcareyschool.com or call 032-532-0128 to find out how to become a sponsor.

Our Needs

It costs approximately R1,000 or US$100 per month to maintain each student, staff, and lecturer. Our net goal is to increase the number of supported students from 40/year to 100/year. Please email admin@williamcareyschool.com, call 032-532-0128, use our bankdetails below to make an in-kind donation (tax receipt provided), or to provide a sponsorship in return for displaying your logo above.

Our Bank Details for Donations & Contributions:
Name of Account: William Carey School Of World Mission
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Code: 220229
Account Number: 50910022199
Type of Account: Current
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: William Carey School Donation

Our Students

More than 2,500 students have graduated at William Carey School over the past 24 years, and many more have been trained at schools associated with us around the world.

This figure does not include those who have trained before William Carey's establishment in 1990. Students come from nations such as: Canada, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, United States, Zambia, and many more. The School is very excited to receive more students from North America in recent years.

Our school is committed to holistic Christian service, so students receive tuition, a room, food, and all other necessities free. This has enabled many students from poor and destitute backgrounds to join. Anyone with a heart for reaching the world with the Gospel of Christ has the opportunity to apply to William Carey.

At The Service Of The Community

The Bible states that we as Christians should engage the world and fulfil the Great Commission given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ. This commission includes preaching the Gospel in our own local community.

In line with our vision to uplift our community, UNISA presented the “Chance 2 Advance Programme” which was held at the William Carey School of World Mission from 19 September 2011 to 25 September 2011.

This programme makes the university accessible, as expertise is being taken to the people. This will help with the development of our people as the university opens the academic world to society. This programme will definitely contribute to the education of the privileged and underprivileged. Furthermore, it will promote the culture of continuous learning.

During this one week workshops, the following subjects were taught by the UNISA facilitators: Carpentry, brick laying, electricity, plumbing, gardening, Baking & Cooking, Job interviews & C.V. preparation, Beadwork, Health and Wellness, End Time Computing and Knitting & Crocheting.

Subsequently on Saturday 19 November 2011 the UNISA team presented Certificates to the participants from Oakford, Verulam. Although we may have dreams and visions they are not always realized. However, a vision that is from God will speak for itself.

Dr. Leslie James, the founder of the William Carey School of World Mission embraced a vision that encompassed not only the nations but also his own local community. In partnership with the Chance 2 Advance Programme launched by UNISA the Oakford Community in Verulam benefitted through their skills training programme.

This community endeavour serves to empower those who otherwise did not have an opportunity to advance themselves educationally. The William Carey School of World Mission seeks to develop and uplift both members of the local community and nationals from developing nations.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering is a big part of what holistic missions is all about. God calls us to love our neighbor, and William Carey is passionate about this. Students of our school have the opportunity to volunteer with the local community, especially with children.

This service develops a strong Christian character in students. The local communities of Oakford and Ndwedwe are also in a real state of need, with many problems like poverty. This volunteer experience can also be used by students' resumes and CV's.

To reinforce our commitment to holistic missions, all students are required to do about 15 hours of volunteering per week. We invite students from abroad to contribute their unique perspective and skills in nurturing, teaching music, and more. Activites include:

  • A weekly feeding program
  • Weekly bread distribution
  • Food and clothing hampers distributed yearly
  • Children's programs - music and drama
  • Basic computer classes
  • Sports
  • Sewing classes
  • Education on social issues like health and moral upliftment
  • Community events
  • Emergency transport to hospital in critical situations
  • School property and church maintenance

We need your help.

 Jesus moves to transform lives. 

We offer missionary and pastoral training. Volunteers are required to fill very important roles in the admin of the school. Missionary students are invited to apply.

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